Starship battle

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Starship battleStarship battleStarship battleStarship battleStarship battle

Starship Battle, journey space and conquer.

Starship Battle is a Sci-Fi RTS sport that lets you traverse an countless universe with a great deal of planets to overcome,

and pits you towards a max of 30 other commanders from around the world.

With over 150 phases to discover, you possibly can gather assets and create numerous starships.

Experience intense battles with a max of 30 different commanders spread throughout the vast cosmos.

Get varied rewards and showcase your expertise as a commander within the newly up to date ‘Pioneer Mode’.

Try your hand at PVP battles in 1v1, 5v5, and Survival modes.

▷▶ Travel throughout space and gather assets!

- Conquer the planets or enter PVP battles to amass mineral and fuel sources.

- Build refineries and broaden mines to collect sources 24/7.

- Gather assets extra efficiently by using employees with excessive mining skills.

▷▶ Get and improve various expertise!

- Upgrade abilities to increase attack, protection, evasion, and your fleet’s basic abilities.

- Improve your starship and develop its many components to earn victory on this house warfare.

▷▶ Develop a robust starship and try to construct the most effective fleet!

- From missile fighters to ion laser battleships, create and choose from 43 completely different starships.

- Make an offensive or defensive starship based mostly on your technique.

- Place the right pilot in your starship to improve its performance.

▷▶ Start creating components seen in Sci-Fi universes!

- Develop eighty forms of components and set up them on your starship to improve it.

- Parts can provide bonuses to attack, defense, and evasion primarily based on its kind.

▷▶ Use your starship efficiently and excellent your technique!

- Form a fleet along with your starships and take them into battle.

- You can have as much as 3 preset fleets, and pick the one which the state of affairs requires.

- The war for

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