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Ad free model. A stopwatch, also referred to as chronometer or chronograph, is a watch with one or more hands that can be stopped or started at any immediate, used for exact timing, as in races. A countdown timer allows backward timing from a preset time worth to zero.

Chronometer is a dependable, straightforward to make use of time measuring app, ideal for varied activities as operating, workouts, cooking, games, or work. Its features include a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The app will proceed the timing in background if minimized.

Stopwatch (chronometer, chronograph)

The stopwatch function lets you measure elapsed times. By using the corresponding buttons, the stopwatch could be started, paused, resumed, and reset. By pressing the Lap button you probably can record the present timing. In landscape mode, along with the elapsed time, you possibly can see the number of laps, the final lap time and the current lap time.


As you document laps with the stopwatch, the timings are added to a listing in the Times view. The laps are ordered in descending order. For each lap within the listing, you'll have the ability to see the lap quantity, the elapsed time, and the lap time. The elapsed time is the time past from the beginning of the measurement up to date when the lap was added. The lap time is the time previous since the previous lap was added. At the bottom of the display screen, you presumably can see the typical of your lap times. The Save button placed on the action bar lets you share your list of lap occasions by sending it to one of the applicable apps put in in your gadget (Gmail, Dropbox, Drive, Facebook, etc.).

Countdown Timer

The countdown timer feature permits you to set a timer. By utilizing the corresponding buttons, the countdown can be started, paused, resumed, and reset. When time is up, you receive a notification, in accordance with your settings: a sound alarm, a vibration, and / or a message on the notification bar (if the app is running in background). The Set Timer button placed on the motion bar permits you to rapidly set the timer. In landscape mode, in addition to the time show, you presumably can see the date and time when the countdown will finish.

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