Superfarmers: happy farm

By HeroCraft Ltd.

Superfarmers: happy farmSuperfarmers: happy farmSuperfarmers: happy farmSuperfarmers: happy farmSuperfarmers: happy farm

Hey, the Superheroes need the help of your farm!

The Superhero farm defends the peace and prosperity of the entire planet. What in regards to the Superheroes? Well, you understand, the Superheros are simply lazy celebrities, all the true work is done by yours really - the Superfarmer!

Superfarmers is a farm simulator, but it's a special one, with superheros. In order to maintain up their heroic endeavors and good deeds, the Superheroes want meals too, and that is the place you will help them. Breed livestock and develop crops to develop your farm.

Your residents are superheroes, who are in need of shelter, food and entertainment. Construct buildings, improve applied sciences, make deliveries, and develop fruit and veggies. Become mayor of the super-city!

Every mundane item here has some extraordinary properties. Do you suppose you see an ordinary truck? Of course not, it is really jet-propelled and capable of delivering goods to any metropolis or village almost immediately. What about this old shed? Look nearer: lo and behold, a cutting-edge technology-packed information hub for superheros! Super Veggies do wonders for your health. The milk you get out of your cow is magical, it increases superpowers. Even that toad over there behind the wheat patch is greater than meets the attention.

Game options:

- Meet all the Superheroes and join the Super Team

- Help the Superheroes save the word by making deliveries for them

- Supply goods by land, water and air

- Set up secret superhero headquarters

- Discover new continents and build up collections from everywhere in the world

- Build a global-scale Superfarm!

This world wants its personal Superfarmer!

Download the sport and be part of our ranks! Start enjoying now!

Superfarmers - Superhero farm and city. Offline sport.


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