Swamp Attack 2

By Hyper Dot Studios Limited

Swamp Attack 2Swamp Attack 2Swamp Attack 2Swamp Attack 2Swamp Attack 2

Our good friend Slow Joe is just sittin’ on his porch, minding his personal enterprise, when a swarm of mutant ‘gators attack! Good job he’s received access to firearms, but he’s going to want a whole lot of help and an entire lot of ammo this time around...


These monsters mean enterprise and they’re racing straight in the course of Joe’s cabin in this superior tower defense game. First they’re coming for the swamp, then the complete world, so show no mercy and kick them OFF your personal property!


Evil crocs, grizzly gators, bloodthirsty beavers and rabid rats. Are they mutants? Zombies? All we all know is they’re deadly! And they’ll do more than destroy the vegetation if they get close, so load up your gun and get shooting!


Shotguns, rayguns, rockets, bombs, grenades… follow your aim and your archery abilities with an in depth vary of weapons. Some weapons are efficient on small, quick monsters while others are better on huge, gradual beasts! Upgrade your weapons as you go to kick up a monster storm.


Slow Joe ain’t the sharpest tack within the box and he’s going to want assist defending his swamp! Meet flamethrowing Cousin Welder, armed and dangerous Uncle Hairy and the not-so-sweet Grandma Mau. Combine lethal weapons with deadly family members for the best attack.


Start off in the Deep South and play ranges to progress to the Siberian swamps of China and Russia. Different monsters lurk in several regions, and you’ll need sturdy tactics to defeat some of these zombies, so get able to battle on this tower defense game!

Swamp Attack 2 is an action-packed attack and defense sport full of weapons, monsters and zombies. Players who like taking pictures games, gun video games, archery video games, monster video games, tower defense games, racing games, funny video games and crazy characters will take pleasure in this recreation, too!

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