Tastyland- Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle games

By MergeJoy

Tastyland- Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle gamesTastyland- Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle gamesTastyland- Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle gamesTastyland- Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle gamesTastyland- Merge 2048, cooking games, puzzle games

Join the magic city, discover merge magic, merge and design home brainly along with your mates fairies, take pleasure in your calm life in this certainly FREE merge recreation: Tastyland.

Merge eggs to hatch magical fairies, then evolve them to discover extra powerful fairies! Do the cooking to get extra free rewards! Encounter and remedy challenging puzzle levels brainly: match the gadgets to win, then gather free rewards. Let’s use merge magic to create a tasty and magic city! Let's challenge puzzle ranges and match!Let's design house brainly!

The fairies lived a relaxed life in Tastyland. In 2048, town was sealed by ice. Fairies misplaced their calm life, and they will use merge magic to rebuild a complete new city and dream home.

And you, our players, destined to become the SAGE of the magic creatures, helping the fairies to merge brainly, design home brainly, match brainly, escape from the ice-sealed city and build a magic city and dream home!

No struggle, no killing, no fighting, No monster. Tastyland is only a completely calm merge sport!!! You can freely design house! When you enter this merge game, You will find that town has a disaster in 2048, every little thing has lost its vitality and soul.

You have to make use of merge magic to rebuild the calm life brainly. At first, you need to merge magic mates brainly that will help you. To do that, you have to merge 3 to hatch the eggs for magic creatures brainly. As for fairies, child fairies are fragile and can't do many issues, so you must continue to merge fairies till they develop up into extra stronger and do more jobs for the calm life. Their power will allow the city to be reborn in 2048.

With so many cute mates assisting, it's time to obtain our ultimate target: design residence and build a relaxed life. The merge magic taught by the magic dragon can't solely merge fairies, but also merge all objects in the merge recreation.

Merge and grow plants to produce therapeutic solar orbs. Merge miners to get buildi

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