Tesla Wars 1919 - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer

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Tesla Wars 1919 - Real Time Strategy MultiplayerTesla Wars 1919 - Real Time Strategy MultiplayerTesla Wars 1919 - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer

1919 - “The Great War” continues. Europe has been trapped in a fierce fight over dominance. Countless innovations and technological developments result in Mechs roaming the battlefields. Use of electrical vitality surged and supercharged units have been combating at the fronts. Mechanical warfare is slowly taking over while troopers turn into mere bystanders when huge Mechanized Tanks acquire their iron harvest.

This is your chance to make your mark on battle-torn Europe. Enter an accelerated race driving know-how to levels the early 20th century has by no means seen. In Multiplayer matches with up to 32 gamers you are asked to plan your strategy correctly and lead your nation to victory!

Matches run in real-time on World Maps based mostly on World War 1 scenarios and beyond. Nations are cut up in smaller provinces with distinctive properties that influence resource production or terrain varieties. The objective is to take over nearly all of the map. To obtain your target, you've full control over your nation's financial developments, technological analysis, navy advancements and diplomatic relations with different players. Work together, against each other and by no means belief your alliance fully - when energy is in attain, everybody turns into an enemy. Will you still let your individuals fight with Scythes or plan forward and join the revolution?

Build your technique round fantastical and historic models of the era!

► Long Term Strategy in Real Time

► Weaponry primarily based on well-liked Dieselpunk, Teslapunk and Steampunk ideals

► Play with up to 32 players per match

► A wide variety of conventional World War 1 Units

► Maps based mostly on historic occasions and beyond

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