The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

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The Lord of the Rings: Rise to WarThe Lord of the Rings: Rise to WarThe Lord of the Rings: Rise to WarThe Lord of the Rings: Rise to WarThe Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

Epic tales of old, be it of affection, friendship, or glory, are in days bygone. A new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-earth now falls into your palms. An irrepressible darkish power has been growing and seeping through every inch of Middle-earth. From Minas Tirith to Mount Doom, each faction is desperate to grab control over the One Ring and take dominion over Middle-earth as quickly as and for all.

One Ring to Rule Them All.

The War of the Ring has reignited!

- Live Your War of the Ring

The One Ring has resurfaced in the abandoned castle of Dol Guldur. It bestows unmatched energy to dominate Middle-earth on its bearer, luring peoples from all factions into an excellent struggle.

- Build A Fortified Settlement

Your settlement infrastructure dictates the efficacy of your methods. Each building functions uniquely, and your power grows with the event of your settlement.

- Assemble Formidable Armies

From spearmen, archers, and knights to marvellous creatures and dreadful beasts—all forces have to be mustered earlier than the battle is waged. Victory will be yours in case your strategy is sound and your forces are mighty.

- Form Your Fellowship

As aStewardof Middle-earth, you have to step into an enormous world and take control by creating your settlement, increasing your territory and founding your own Fellowship. Grand challenges await.

- Expand Factional Territories

Throughout the season, your energy enhances by constructing expeditionary forces, expanding land tiles, accumulating valuable sources, and repelling the enemies. The expertise and energy you gained during your conquest would help you get by way of any sudden obstacles.

- Explore Middle-earth’s Wonders

From the lofty majesty of Minas Tirith to the brutish terror of Barad-dûr, expertise a re-creation of Middle-earth that locations you on the ground in the expansive world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

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