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Thirty-One | 31 | Blitz - Card Game OnlineThirty-One | 31 | Blitz - Card Game OnlineThirty-One | 31 | Blitz - Card Game OnlineThirty-One | 31 | Blitz - Card Game OnlineThirty-One | 31 | Blitz - Card Game Online

One of the most well-liked card games, now out there free of charge in your smartphone: Thirty One is a quick, simple to be taught online trick-taking sport for young and old.

Be the primary to achieve to 31 factors with just three playing cards, if you don't reach thirty one simply don't be the player with the least factors, because that card participant will lose a life.

Whether at work, on the road or in your personal residence, urgent a button on the app and the (online) cards are shuffled again.

Key Features:

♠ Thirty One is a free on-line card game

♥ Play online in multiplayer towards each other

♣ Enjoy your card recreation together in public or privately separated multiplayer rooms

♠ Chat with other players

♦ Offline training mode

♥ Suitable for cell phones and tablets

♠ Short playing time: Each sport may be performed quickly to the top, perfect for


♦ Play playing cards alone against the computer or duel with up to three pals in multiplayer mode

♥ Quick to be taught straightforward recreation guidelines, but nonetheless tactically challenging!

♣ Achieve by skillful cards swap a high variety of points

♠ Authentic, loving design: playing playing cards like in your pub

♦ Intuitive operation

♥ Choose the card sheet (French Scat sheet or Double German)

♣ World ranking

Game rules: There are between two and 4 players and 32 playing cards. Every player at all times has a hand of three cards and one to 3 lives indicated by matchsticks.

Three more cards are positioned face-up within the middle. Whoever first reaches 31 factors wins the round. If no-one reaches 31 points, the participant with the lowest point score loses a life.

You get factors for playing cards of the same go well with: Rank playing cards are value the same as their quantity (7, 8, 9, 10). Face cards are price 10 and aces are price eleven factors. Another special card combination contains three playing cards of e

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