Three Kingdoms:Heroes of Legend

By KunYue Game

Three Kingdoms:Heroes of LegendThree Kingdoms:Heroes of LegendThree Kingdoms:Heroes of Legend

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Introduction: The Three Kingdoms is a mobile card adventure sport, huge heroes is luxuriant and shining on stage. Card could be collected easily and open your own battle road. Download the game now and have fun!

Detailed description:

The war of the Three Kingdoms is a 3D motion card recreation made with the theme of The Three Kingdoms, specializing in fighting skills and heroes improvement. Game system contains numerous hero skills, equipment, pets and other parts. It is a new interpretation of the Three Kingdoms game! This recreation requires players to have a number of play expertise and strategies. Online and offline immersive instant combat temper exist in recreation. The Three Kingdoms metropolis siege is at any time to be prepared. All massive forces fight one another with combined combating abilities and unique heroes improvement system. Extraordinary movement control allows you to run the state of affairs. Come and expertise the elegant look of the Three Kingdoms.

Game Features

◆ National war, Stringed arrow ◆

On the stage of the wrestle for hegemony of the unique navy common, the wars caused by the princes followed one after another, and the world of The Three Kingdoms was highly restored. Every moment of combat is fluid, with beautiful effects; A new lineup to construct the system, let the three countries turn into your house, full service war prepared to begin, the greatest way to hunt hegemony and so on to open up!

◆ Recruit heroes, Strategic development ◆

In the game, gamers can recruit nearly a hundred heroes of four forces, each of whom has his personal exclusive expertise, weapons and partners. Cultivating and utilizing totally different heroes creates a novel technique and combat expertise.

◆ Various equipment, Fancy building ◆

Players can play for hero geared up with powerful weapons, armor, treasures, st, magic, pets. Players can use obtained in steady forging gear for higher

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