TonTon Pirate : Age of plunder

By DrukHigh

TonTon Pirate : Age of plunderTonTon Pirate : Age of plunderTonTon Pirate : Age of plunderTonTon Pirate : Age of plunderTonTon Pirate : Age of plunder

■ Join my crew!!

■ How much is my bounty?

■ Train your pirates and raise your bounty!

■ Ready to plunder the ships of your foes?

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■■■■■Game Features■■■■■

Raise the anchor and plunder the riches! This is an RPG about bounties!!

-Pull, shoot and FIGHT!!

-A unique pirate gang of you own!

-Plunder ships and expand your territory!

-Steal and raid with non-stop PvP!


-Shoot your pirates over to the enemy ship with your cannon!

-It's all about landing on the right place on the proper time!

-Smart pirates will begin engaging on their own!

-Wipe out and crush your foes mercilessly!

-Upgrade and energy up your pirate ship into a floating fortress!

-Collect legendary treasures to become the infamous pirate overlord!

The useful reviews that you depart behind are nice for the builders ^^

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