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The tower of Triglav consisting of 50 flooring. Go for the highest floor where the princess is captured, by trying to find keys that open the doors to the next ground, by fixing puzzles, and by monster searching.

In a richly detailed pixel art dungeon exploring game, with a limited stock, create your personal unique character by combining gadgets of over 2,500 varieties.

This is a smartphone version of the hack and slash type RPG released as an indie net game in 2002 and has been performed by over 500,000 gamers.

Many audio and visible effects, similar to sound results and music, have been added which were not included in the authentic model.

■ Features

・ A roguelike free to play offline sport which have many further challenges. There isn't any ADs.

・ A dungeon crawler kind sport which the participant completes 1 flooring at a time with a restricted stock. Aim for the upper flooring by obtaining the important thing that opens the door to the stairway.

・ Besides the flooring inside the 50-story tower, you can even crawl around the variety-rich world including the dungeon and the map area outdoors the tower.

・ You'll be ready to play smoothly through the use of only simple tap and swipe actions.

・ Illustrations and symbols will guide you thru the quests and the story without counting on language.

・ You can create varied character build by combining gear like weapons, armors and equipment in several methods.

You can create characters freely. For example, you can even make a character of the same class into a “defense type” who is hard as a wall, a “hit-and-run type” who prioritizes inflicting damage, or a “special type” who attacks enemies utilizing particular attacks.

・ Except for some of the on-line restricted features, you probably can play the sport offline after you have downloaded it.

■ 3 Master Classes

You can choose your character from the three master lessons.

・ SwordMaster: A class outfitted with a sword, a shield and a fantastic steadiness of offensive and defensive skills

・ AxeMaster: A class outfitted with a two-handed axe and the power to defeat enemy with a single blow

・ DaggerMaster: A class equipped with a dagger in every hand and glorious agility

■ Shared Storage

You can retailer the items you may have obtained within the Shared Storage and share them with your other characters in the identical device. Items in the storage won't disappear even you misplaced all characters.

■ Puppet System

When the character is defeated by an enemy, the puppet will die in its place. If you have no puppet, the character will not be able to revive.

Puppets can be used as objects to strengthen the character's standing for a given length of time or to recuperate life pressure.

■ Discord Community

■ Official Twitter

■ Soundtrack



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