Turret Merge Defense

By mobirix

Turret Merge DefenseTurret Merge DefenseTurret Merge DefenseTurret Merge DefenseTurret Merge Defense

Fun and thrilling recreation with a touch of one finger!

Play the “Turret Merge Defense” now!


# sixteen various varieties of distinctive and special ability Turrets!

# 15 World Maps with over 1500 stages!

# Exciting battle against Boss monster that uses distinctive powerful skill!

# Great rewards whenever you defeat a Boss or clear a stage!

# Experience special results by participating difficult fight with the same Turrets! # Challenge Mode!

# Great rewards if you full Daily Mission and Achievements!

# Check out where you stand against customers from everywhere in the world! # Global Rank!

How to Play

1. Merge 2 similar kind Turrets!

- Install more Turrets by utilizing the Gold obtained from battles!

- Recycle the Turrets that you just don’t need any more. You can get Gold for them!

2. Collect Turret Pieces from battles or purchase them from the Shop!

- You can use the Turret Pieces to level up the Turret.

- Turret effect shall be upgraded when you stage up the Turret.

3. Add special upgrade features to the Turret!

- 4 several sorts of upgrade effects can be set by utilizing the Upgrade Card in Menu Upgrade.

- Upgrade Slot is unlocked when you clear a certain stage.

- You can get Card Pieces whenever you dismantle an Upgrade Card. Use the Card Pieces to improve a Card.

4. Engage in an exciting battle towards monsters within the Challenge Mode!

- Fight monsters with the same Turrets.

- Ally will obtain particular buff effects for the number of Normal stages cleared.







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