Unknown Knights

By teamarex

Unknown KnightsUnknown KnightsUnknown KnightsUnknown KnightsUnknown Knights

Discover new challenges, and steer the game's Narrative as you venture to destroy the Dark Lord's Tower. Your loyal firm of Knights and Soldiers, the Unknown Knights, will stand by you each step of the journey.

- Included in Top 10 of Google Indie Game Festival 2019 (Korea)

- Selected as an Indie game exhibitor in Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (San Jose, California)

Unknown Knights supplies unique unit battles with roguelike encounters. You should remedy problems, rent knights, and draft militia to construct a powerful band for the final battle towards the Dark Lord.


◆Real-Time ACTION Strategy

Control a quantity of units in real-time with 4 buttons. Timing your Actions is essential; Read enemy actions and react accordingly. - Attack, Defense, Parry, and Charge.

◆The Journey and Choices

Hundreds of random encounters will pop up during the journey. Each of them has totally different choices and consequences. Some of the results of your decision won't occur instantly but surely come again to you.

◆Hidden Bosses Relics to Discover

Your name will unfold in the world as you continue your journey. Wandering wizards, underground monsters and leaders of factions will come to you to problem or give a request.


- 290 occasions and tales, all affected by person choice

- 350 battles

- Knights with 13 different specialties

- Enemy Factions that features Dark Lord's Army, Thieves, the Assassins, and the Royal Guards

- Randomly generated play map and other ways to unlock gifts

- Dynamic Weather, providing weather-based strategies

- Three totally different difficulties designed for players of various talent levels

- 10 hidden bosses could be found throughout gameplay

- Online Ranking

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