Valkyrie Maker

By Hanul Studio

Valkyrie MakerValkyrie MakerValkyrie MakerValkyrie Maker

Gamers of the world, save Yggdrasil along with your valkyrie!

Loki, the son of a frost giant, and his worshipers are plunging Yggdrasil with darkness and chaos.

Your vassal, Light, sacrificed himself to make the valkyrie, the nice warrior to avoid wasting the worlds.

Now, lead her to drive out the darkness of Yggdrasil!


· All battles have been simplified, so you don't even need automatic fight.

· Since the battles on the normal stages are instantaneous, you can absolutely consider the expansion of the valkyrie.

· Though the boss levels take time unlike the conventional ones, the battle continues even when you turn off the game. So you do not have to keep the game turned on all day - you'll be notified when the battle is over.

· No infinite loading display - Meet your valkyrie as soon as you turn on the sport.

· This isn't a easy level-up game. You can increase stats by yourself.

If you've any questions, please contact us by email below.

[email protected]

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