Village of Adventurer


Village of AdventurerVillage of AdventurerVillage of AdventurerVillage of AdventurerVillage of Adventurer

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ Battle

● Simple Manipulation Easy for Beginners.

● varied kinds of quests, such as amassing, capturing, searching, dungeon, and so on.

● a putting battle using various parties and abilities.

● Various Battle Fields and Monsters.

▶ Defensive battle

● Let's defend the city from the countless monsters!

▶ Run a store

● Let's haggle over the acquired gadgets with the villagers and earn a high revenue.

● Let's develop the village by building various buildings such as farms, blacksmiths, and mines.

▶ Run a farm

● the cultivation of crops necessary for commerce and production.

● breed powerful pet.

● A grown pet presents a strong ability in accordance with every attribute.

▶ Trade and mining

● Obtain gadgets and items by dealing with retailers.

● Various gems could be obtained through mining.

▶ Game in game

● Fishing - Let's be the best angler by fishing a big fish.

● Animal race - race with cute animals and win prizes.

● Occupy War - City occupation struggle between customers to take and take away.

▶ Make equipment and items

● Cook the food needed for adventure utilizing crops.

● Create equipment with numerous attributes.

● Make a magic drug that's useful for fight.

▶ Multilingual support

● English, Korean, Japanese

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