Weapon Cloner

By Rollic Games

Weapon ClonerWeapon ClonerWeapon ClonerWeapon ClonerWeapon Cloner

Looking for an epic RPG game? Get prepared for this tremendous fun monster slaying recreation. Weapon Cloner is here to satisfy all fantasy role enjoying fans.

The horde is attacking your lands, as a hero you have to shield your village and clash your enemies. Clone your weapons to kill thousands of Monsters and unique Bosses! There are numerous enemies like Goblins to Giants, Trolls to Cyclopses. Increase the amount of your weapons and multiply tons of of them to crush your goal.

There are superb weapons to unlock. Pick one of the best weapons that fits your play type and create new combating methods. There will be giants with different powers, but no worries! You can freeze any monsters with Freezing Spear, curse them with Poison Bombs or burn them with Fire Metal Spear!

Are you ready for an epic weapon fighting game?


◉ Pick your weapons

◉ Throw weapons at your targets

◉ Crush monsters on time

◉ Fight with enormous bosses

◉ Avoid dangerous obstacles


◉ Free and easy to play

◉ Incredible amount of unique levels

◉ Cool 3D Graphics and Environments

◉ Smooth as butter game controls

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