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West tour tower defense is a relaxed leisure tower protection strategy cellular recreation.Cuteness cuteness turret design Q, animation wind map good present journey to the west by the plot, straightforward puzzle, the whole individuals into the west.Journey to the west breaks by way of the normal tower protection mode, integrating the originator of the supernatural novel journey to the west with strategy and tower protection. The convenient checkpoint mode lets you play the game anytime and anyplace.

Journey to the west, written by wu chengen, a Ming dynasty novelist of China, is certainly one of the four nice classical novels of China.It tells the story of xuanzang of tang dynasty, accompanied by his disciples sun wukong, zhu bajie and monk sha, who goes via 81 difficulties and reaches the western heaven to acquire the true scriptures.

West tower protection within the sport background of the story of journey to the west, the satan, patron saint, tower protection, scenes and different character, theme design with robust Oriental myth shade, each set different monsters and patron saint, beneath the attack of the devil, the patron saint of utilizing totally different expertise and props, magic weapon, protect tang's monk lives, calculate the mantra.

Do not look down upon these monsters, they've all kinds of attack ability, beneath the leadership of the chief could hit you unprepared!It's time to test your eyesight, hand pace and intelligence and dig deep into eastern tradition.Dare you challenge me?

Game features:

• tower defense mode, you presumably can enter the following stage after finishing the clearance.Different levels have completely different sub-quest rewards.

• giant randomness, choosing different characters and positions to deploy will produce different defensive results.

• the variety of level modes, the exciting time-limited stage, the double problem level and so forth, make the game stuffed with enjoyable.

• exquisite tower protection, scenes and lifelike characters, actions and particular effects.

• it takes less time and doesn't account for network traffic.Can share friends to play collectively.

• Do not recharge, customs clearance that props, diamonds.

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