Who is the mole?


Who is the mole?Who is the mole?

The Who is the Mole? app is a game in which you bet points on the candidates you suspect from the television program Wie is de Mol? The aim is to unmask the Mole and score as many points as possible. This can be played individually or in a group with friends / colleagues / family / (sports) team or other acquaintances. You can play with a Facebook account, Google account or you can register by email.

The focus of the game is on suspecting your Mole(s). You start with a hundred points. Every week you bet your points on the candidate(s) you find suspicious. Will your Mole(s) remain in the game? Then your points are doubled! If you have bet a part on the candidate who drops out, you will lose those points. If you have bet all points on the loser, you lose all your points. So think strategically and play tactically!

Experience the WIDM app:

- Bet points on your Mole(s) and try to double your bet with it

- Create pool(s) and compete against acquaintances

- View national suspicions of candidates

- Follow the latest Wie is de Mol? news

From Saturday 1 January at 8.30 pm at AVROTROS on NPO 1.

The application can only be used in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia , France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria.

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