Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

By Loongcheer Game

Wizard Legend: Fighting MasterWizard Legend: Fighting MasterWizard Legend: Fighting MasterWizard Legend: Fighting MasterWizard Legend: Fighting Master

About the Game

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is a Roguelike action game. Compare to other Roguelike action games, little wizard battle with magic skills. There are greater than 50 magic abilities within the recreation and 5 magic parts. The different combinations of magic expertise will create completely different battle styles. Besides, the mass amount of artifacts with numerous results will make the battle unlimited.


The favourite meals of the little wizard is all types of desserts. During the research of magic, he found that the consumption of magic may be recovered by consuming excessive-sugar desserts. What’s extra, the little wizard never worries about being fat.

However, the so-known as Dessert Company emerged suddenly and began the Non-Vital Activation Experiments, turning all the desserts into offensive monsters.

The little wizard was very indignant and determined to enter the Dessert Company to remove all of the mutated desserts and came upon the explanation for the mutation.

Game Features

- Roguelike recreation with magic abilities, start the adventure as a wizard.

- More than 50 skills with 5 components, create your distinctive mixture.

- Find random expertise on the flooring and hold the best in your magic book.

- Collect and wait for a fantastic chance to release powerful magic runes.

- More than one hundred magic artifacts with different functions.

- Challenging boss struggle and rank with glory.

- Collect numerous magic cloak and magic e-book to defeat different enemies.


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