Word Search Ultimate

By Havos Word Games

Word Search UltimateWord Search UltimateWord Search UltimateWord Search UltimateWord Search Ultimate

This is by far the most versatile phrase search app available on the market. Multiple configuration options create a game that precisely corresponds to your gadget and your experience.

Play with an English glossary or choose certainly one of 23 different languages.

Designed for enjoyable video games from the smallest cellphones up to the biggest tablets.

Bored of seeing the identical phrases appear repeatedly? Frustrated at on the lookout for bizarre phrases that are not even English? Struggled with grids which might be inappropriate for your gadget or tough to read? Word Search Ultimate solves all these problems.

You can configure:

1) Grid size

Specify exactly how many columns and rows to make use of (from 3 to 20). Even non square grids (e.g. 12x15) are possible.

2) Screen layout

Choose how a lot screen house for the grid and how a lot for the glossary, using our unique movable split bar.

3) Difficulty of the game

Specify approximate proportion of phrases which are written diagonally, backwards or vertically (e.g. enable no diagonal or backwards phrases, best for introducing children to Word Search).

4) Difficulty of the words

Specify the size of the dictionary to generate a game, from the 5 hundred commonest phrases (good for kids and language students), as much as 80,000 phrases.

5) Maximum # of words

Choose the maximum number of words to find in a single game, from 1 to 150. This will present sufficient words to fill a 20x20 grid.

6) Minimum Maximum word length

This helps avoid searching for many small phrases (a common drawback in word apps). Also helpful for specifying actually difficult video games (e.g. set both minimum and maximum phrase size to three).

7) Highlighting

Mark the already discovered phrases, or keep the grid unmarked and simple to learn.

8) Word listing layout

The thesaurus may be organized in columns for simple studying, or shut to on

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