World Alphabets - Learn them all

By Khonsu Development

World Alphabets - Learn them allWorld Alphabets - Learn them allWorld Alphabets - Learn them allWorld Alphabets - Learn them allWorld Alphabets - Learn them all

Can you pronounce Ελληνικό, Kirillicheskii, ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲ, Հայոց, ႠႱႭႫႧႠႥႰႳႪႨ, देवनागरी?

Use this app to discover these scripts and impress your friends!

With Alphabets you'll discover ways to learn 53 alphabets: American Sign Language, Anatolian Hieroglyphs, Arabic, Armenian, Aurebesh, Baybayin, Braille, Cherokee, Coptic, Cuneiform, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Elder Futhark, Futhorc, Ge'ez, Georgian (Asomtavruli), Georgian (Mkhedruli), Georgian (Nuskhuri), Glagolitic, Gothic, Greek (Ancient), Greek (Modern), Hebrew, Hiragana, Inuktitut, Katakana, Khmer, Klingon, Korean (Hangul), Latin, Linear B, Lontara, Lycian, Lydian, Malayalam, Maya, Mongolian, Morse, N'Ko, Neo-Tifinagh, Ogham, Old Italic, Old Turkic (Orkhon), Phoenician, Semaphore, Syriac, Telugu, Tengwar, Thaana, Thai, Tibetan and Younger Futhark.

Many more alphabets are coming soon!

Learn with flashcards to memorize all the letters of an alphabet. Each flashcard contains the symbol of the letter, both typed and handwritten, its English title, its authentic identify and the means to pronounce the sound of the letter.

Once you have realized the alphabet, take a look at your data on tailor-made quizzes!

We all the time attempt to improve the app; when you discovered a bug or a content material error, please report it to [email protected] Your suggestions is precious for us!

Note: This app doesn't train you languages! It solely in memorizing the alphabets and writing scripts used to write down languages.

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