World Conqueror 3 - WW2 Strategy game

By EasyTech

World Conqueror 3  - WW2  Strategy gameWorld Conqueror 3  - WW2  Strategy gameWorld Conqueror 3  - WW2  Strategy gameWorld Conqueror 3  - WW2  Strategy gameWorld Conqueror 3  - WW2  Strategy game

War is about to start.Most highly effective legions are ready for a superb commander! Lead your army to conquer the world and gain large army achievements !

【Military Career】-----------------------------------------------

***32 historic Campaigns(3 difficulty levels) and a hundred and fifty navy Tasks

***5 Challenge modes to prove your commanding expertise and 45 Challenges in total

***Promote your generals, study new Skills and rent extra Generals from prestigious Military Academies

all over the world

***Accomplish assigned Tasks in cities and Trade with merchanrts in ports

***Build varied Wonders of the world and explore the Universe

【Conquer the World】-----------------------------------------------

***4 scripts from completely different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960

***World pattern changes over time. Choose any nation to join the warfare.

***Choose completely different sides and nations to gain totally different awards.


***Real-time sport play: you will experience World War II, the Cold War and Modern Warfare

***50 Countries and 200 famous Generals will be a part of this Global War

***148 Military Units out there and 35 particular general Skills

***12 Technology, including Conventional Weapons, Naval, Air Force, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons,

Space Weapons and etc

***42 wolrd Wonders will play a key position in your victory

***11 Conqueror Achievements awaits you

***Open Auto battle and AI will lead instead of you

***Seamless World Map and zoom inout

***Support Android x86 (Intel inside devices)

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