By Tigon Mobile


Successing the favored mobile recreation Yulgang Online

Yulgang Online's first PLAY TO EARN MMORPG!

Complete quests everyday to acquire TIG cash.

■■■ Game Characteristics ■■■

▶Reborn as a Yulgang Mobile P2E Game!◀

A stable senario which has remained in style for a decade,

experience the PLAY TO EARN Yulgang Online anytime, anyplace.


▶YULGANG's sentiment vibe reinterpreted to mobile!◀

Features YULGANG's primary characters as game characters!

Encounter the sport, during which the original writers participated and the place YULGANG's humor and wit are being conveyed into!


▶Every gameplay results in growth!◀

Grow as strong because the period of time invested!

Mine the crystals wanted for all kinds of progress and evolve sooner into powerful characters sooner than others!


▶Implemented the fateful battle between Just Evil◀

The endless conflict between Just Evil!

The Martial World's battlefield unfolds in a cellular environment!


▶YULGANG's core contents are born in mobile◀

Class Seven Classes which are distinguished by their primary weapons: 'Knife, Sword, Spear, Bow, Orb, Dagger, Staff,' and a bonus Class 'Fist.'

Relic A unique system with the Eight Martial Treasures such because the Fire Dragon Sword, the Demon Hunting Sword, and more!

Pet Summon the Hellfire Dragon and pet of the Southforest Beast Tribe!

Ultimate Trial The Ultimate Five! A solo dungeon the place you can challenge Sword Emperor, Blade Emperor, Dr. Yak, Guai Gai, and Shenguang.

PVP Implemented the battlefield of Just vs. Evil – Battle of Justice and Evil, Faction Warfare!

Appearance/Outfits Appearances of characters and transfiguration outfits of the principle factions that got here instantly from the YULGANG comics!■■■ YULGANG Official Community■■■

Requirement Guidance on Using this Game

Essential Requirements

1. Allows making and managing calls; allows handle book

-This is required for collecting the system's info necessary for event compensation and dialog with our clients. It can additionally be used for producing tokens for push reception.

-Permission approval is required whereas using this operate.

2. Using photos, media, and files

-This is required for installing the game.

-Permission approval is required while using this perform.

3. Using microphones

-This is required for chatting throughout the game.

-Permission approval is required whereas utilizing this perform.

How to withdraw entry rights

Android 6.0 or higher: Settings App Select Permission Items Select Permission List Select Access Permission Consent or Withdrawal

Android less than 6.0: Upgrade the working system to withdraw access rights or delete apps.

※ The app might not present any features on individual consent; you may revoke such access rights by the above technique.

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