Zombie City Master - Zombie Game

By Brawlhole

Zombie City Master - Zombie GameZombie City Master - Zombie GameZombie City Master - Zombie GameZombie City Master - Zombie GameZombie City Master - Zombie Game

Welcome to Zombie City Master – top-of-the-line idle zombie video games on the market. Forget in regards to the annoying tower defense, zombie survival, zombie defense, and zombie killing video games – it’s time to start your personal zombie apocalypse!

In Zombie City Master, you get an opportunity to overtake places with hordes of zombies looking for humans. Unlike zombie survival games, this recreation lets you take on the function of a hunter and hunt together with your hordes the people left alive. It’s not a zombie hunter game, it’s a pure human looking sport. The only means you can take over each location is to let your zombies kill each single human being that tries to hide or struggle back.


Zombie City Master is an idle searching game that sets a easy, yet comprehensible continuity to provide you with hours of gratifying zombie city gameplay. Unlike in protection video games, you will have to assault those who try to defend.

The larger the horde, the smaller possibilities the humans should kill zombies of their protection attempts. It’s not that you must survive but the humans that see a zombie running at them.

- Spawn zombies to create hordes and attack the people;

- Collect blood, brains, and bones from the eaten humans;

- Use the collected supplies to make your zombies stronger and faster;

- Keep the monitor of time to finish each level earlier than it runs out;

- Build a Bone Tank to manage your bone collectors you could hire within the Graveyard;

- Build the Cursed Graveyard to automatically spawn zombies when your vitality is at its most and management their numbers in the Graveyard tab.


You are the hunter in this on-line zombie recreation, so you will get upgrades to improve your chances at this zombie sport.

- Bloodthirst to extend zombie harm;

- Like Leather to increase zombie health;

- Cold Storage an

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